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Stacey and James

Planning a wedding 1300 miles from home, and only having 6 months in which to do it is a daunting task. Arielle was certainly up for the task. Our day was stunning!! I think she even organized the fireflies that appeared at sunset!! She was there for me for everything from venue selection to vendor negotiation to remembering pens for people to be able to sign our guestbook! Details are her thing. And she will always advocate for you. Thanks for a super, memorable day, Arielle!!!

Kaci and Rafael

I was unsure about getting a wedding planner because it can be costly but thanks to Arielle Gavin with Wedded Perfection I was able to do it at a reasonable price that didn’t take up my whole budget for my wedding. I have 3 children under 3 years of age and therefore I just didn’t have the time or energy to do everything needed to plan a wedding all by myself but thanks to Arielle I was still able to have my dream wedding in just six short months! She was helpful in every possible way! I could call or text her anytime of day and she would answer. She really helped take all the pressure off my big day and everything came together without a hitch! She did an amazing job and I am so grateful for all of her help. Not only is she a great wedding planner, but she is also a kind, caring, fun person who makes it easy to pick up the phone and call her for whatever you need. She also has a partial planning package which allows you to pick and choose specifically what you want her to help you with for your wedding so you can cater your needs to your budget. Arielle is an expert wedding planner. She knows everything about the business and has the connections to get whatever you need and at a great price if your on the budget conscious side. If your questioning whether or not to get a wedding planner. I would definitely go with her, you will NOT regret it!!!

Thuy and Richard

Wedded Perfection was the best investment I have ever made. Arielle was such a pleasure to work with. My husband and I are from out of town, which made planning the wedding just a bit difficult. Since Arielle services in the Columbus area, she has made everything so easy for us. She was always very prompt at responding to my emails and phone calls, which I appreciated very much. Her package was very reasonable and we had the option to alter it for any additional requests. She understood our budget and worked with us to ensure we were happy with everything.

We had a food truck theme wedding but didn’t know where to start on selecting the right vendors. Arielle stepped up and offered to assist us with locating the vendors and got us contracted with them. We had a few hiccups at the beginning of our reception. Arielle was readily available to take care of them so we could enjoy our special day with our family and guests. Arielle was a lifesaver and definitely have our recommendation in the future!

Kylee and Bobby

Amazing! So many things could have gone wrong (and they did), but Arielle stepped in and saved the day. I didn’t even know what was amiss until my mother told me after the wedding. She and I could not have put our money in a better place!


Mother Of the Bride

Arielle was a huge help to us in both the planning and day of my daughter's wedding. She is very knowledgeable about vendors and helped set up our meetings with them. All of us thought the wedding was perfect, and most of the day went off flawlessly. The reception room was absolutely gorgeous, the DJ was great, and the guests raved about everything! All of us were able to enjoy the day stress-free since Arielle dealt with any questions/issues. I would definitely recommend Arielle and her team.

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