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Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life. The amount of time, energy, and money involved in planning even a small wedding can be overwhelming. Enjoying your own day and being a guest at your own wedding can be a difficult task, but we can help make it a reality! 


We are Wedded Perfection, a wedding planning and design company, dedicated to providing the best wedding value for the money.  We tailor our personalized wedding planning services to each individual’s style combining creativity and elegance all while saving your sanity, time, and money!

Extraordinary Weddings for

an Exceptional Value

Arielle, Owner of Wedded Perfection

Hi, I'm Arielle, owner of Wedded Perfection.

I started Wedded Perfection with the belief that every couple deserves to be a guest at their own wedding.

Planning a wedding or any event comes with its share of unforeseen challenges. Guests and vendors often have numerous questions, and amidst the excitement, certain details can be overlooked or relegated to the sidelines. Time flies by, and amidst the hustle, the special moments you envisioned can slip through the cracks. Having a dedicated point person to handle the intricacies of your meticulously planned event allows you and your guests to simply enjoy and celebrate without any worries.

What if the wedding planner paid for themselves?

Weddings can be costly, and often, the first vendor that couples consider cutting is the wedding planner. But what if, instead, the wedding planner could help pay for themselves? With this in mind, I meticulously identified and evaluated the finest vendors available. I didn't just seek outstanding florists and talented bakers but also sought vendors who offer exceptional services without exorbitant prices. As a result, I assembled a team of trusted vendors whom I can consistently rely on to deliver excellence. We've established strong relationships through our frequent collaboration, allowing us to secure remarkable discounts for our couples. Additionally, our extensive experience enables us to identify optimal cost-saving opportunities, as we are seasoned professionals in the industry.

Professional Wedding Planner


Not only do I have nearly a decade of experience in wedding planning, but I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management with a specialization in Event Coordination from the University of Central Florida Rosen College. This comprehensive education equipped me with the skills and expertise to effectively conceptualize, plan, and execute events of varying scales, from intimate gatherings to large, multi-day affairs hosting over 3,000 attendees.

My professional journey has involved collaborating with diverse vendors, including photographers, entertainment specialists, florists, decorators, and venue managers, granting me invaluable insights into the industry from their unique perspectives. By fusing this wealth of knowledge and my personal creativity, I strive to deliver an unparalleled service tailored to each client's individual preferences. As the owner of this company, I am afforded the opportunity to apply my creativity and meticulous attention to detail to provide clients with exceptional experiences. By integrating my background in event coordination into the wedding industry, I empower our clients to bring their visions to life.

Serving Southeast Michigan and Central Ohio

I established Wedded Perfection in 2013 when my husband and I relocated to Columbus, Ohio from Miami, Florida, viewing it as a fresh opportunity to apply my expertise in a new setting. Upon initially working solo for my first wedding, I quickly recognized the need for a dedicated team. Initially, I recruited college interns, some of whom progressed to undertake training programs and assume roles as lead day-of coordinators as the company expanded.

Upon the birth of my daughter, I entrusted the company to the capable team I had cultivated, aiming for a seamless continuity of the high service standard our couples had come to expect. Their exceptional performance surpassed my expectations. Consequently, when the time came to transition to Michigan, I had full confidence in my team's ability to uphold our commitment to exceptional service in Ohio. Reestablishing the business in Michigan prompted a renewed pursuit of top-tier talent within the wedding industry.

I am proud to say that our team in both locations comprises exceptional vendors and dedicated staff, collaborating seamlessly to bring our couples' wedding visions to life. While personally overseeing the planning logistics, my remarkable team handles on-site coordination, venue setup, and event management. Their invaluable support is fundamental to our continued success.


The Ohio Wedded Perfection Team


Tabitha Morgan

Columbus Manager

Executive Wedding Coordinator


Anne Greiner

Client Experience Coordinator

Executive Wedding Coordinator


Sara Morand

Event Logistics Supervisor & Senior Wedding Coordinator


Rachel Palmer

Event Planner

& Wedding Coordinator

The Michigan Wedded Perfection Team


Victoria Sanchez

 Catering Director & 

Executive Wedding Coordinator


Paige Gentry

Event Planner

& Wedding Coordinator


Julia Rush

Executive Wedding Planner & Senior Wedding Coordinator


Jennifer Williams

Event Logistics Supervisor & Wedding Coordinator


Ashley Renee

Events Director & 

Wedding Coordinator


Lacey Zack

Event Planner

& Wedding Coordinator


Caroline Rooney

Wedding Coordination Intern

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